I think with Brian's latest album, you'll find an experienced musician, writer, and storyteller who is comfortable with showing you that one album doesn't have to be one style. You'll find some crunchy guitar riffs, like on Break from the Weight", but you can also find songs like "You Can Have It" that slow things down a bit and capture a slightly more sentimental vibe. Brian's clear, strong, voice really brings this production together. ”

— Jason Keller, 102.7 EQX Afternoon Drive Host

I want to thank you for the amazing music you and the band provided for Lindsey and Keith's wedding. You have received so many compliments... and they keep coming. I loved every minute of it and I find myself thinking about what other celebration I could plan so we could have you play again! Thanks so very much.”

— Deborah Schonitzer

We would just like to thank you so incredibly much for all the hard work that was put into our wedding music/band. Our music selection was not only fantastic but it was exactly what we asked for, down to every last song. You all had people up and dancing right away, and they couldn't stop till the very end. The band was so on point to every last detail (learning firework By Katy Perry just to sync with our surprise fire work show for example) and the sound was just emanating throughout the Schuyler Meadows Golf course for all to hear. We heard days later that even the neighbors felt like they should have paid an admission ticket because the music was just amazing! We could not have been happier and are so impressed with the professionalism and the effort made forth for us. Thank you again and I will always recommend you for every kind of party! ”

— Lindsey and Justin Sierens

We hired the Brian Kaplan Band for my daughter's wedding reception at Sacandaga Lake this past August. It was a wonderful night for a summer party: beautiful lake, full moon and no clouds, lots of good friends and family -­‐ and the Band was simply perfect. Everyone at the party was on the dance floor at some point, from the youngest toddler to my daughter's 80 year-­‐old grandfather. The range of music style and genre pretty much fit for everyone. Thanks Brian and the band!”

— Cathy Callan

I want to leave a review for the Brian Kaplan Band since they knocked our socks off at our wedding last weekend! Unbelievable!!! We can't say enough about the band and what an amazing group of people/musicians you are! It was the best night of our lives and we couldn't have done it without the amazing entertainment! I can not say enough about how easy Brian was to work with and they never failed to get people out on the dance floor! It was an amazing night and we had so many compliments on the music! My expectations for music choices and the variety of styles played by the band were exceeded! Thank you so much, and please don't hesitate to give my phone number out for references! ”

— Alison and Ben Feldman

If you’ve ever heard the Brian Kaplan Band play, you had quite a treat. Brian’s songs lend themselves so well to the full sound of a talented rock band. There is another side of Brian’s music however, that I have had the pleasure of experiencing at my coffee shop……a solo acoustic show. Brian’s songs really shine in an acoustic setting, and you don’t just get the songs, you get a real show. Brian feels so comfortable on stage, that he brings the audience in with his stories, humor, charm and of course…..music. As a songwriter, Brian is truly gifted. He has years of repertoire, and what’s great is the variety of his songs. His songs all have a unique artistic style and come from the heart…..from his life experiences. Time flies when listening to a Brian Kaplan show, every song is so unique, all telling a story in their own way. When each song ends, you find yourself craving more. Brian is the whole package…..effortless guitar playing, crisp solos and beautiful vocals. His guitar skills are equally matched on the piano. Brian’s skills on the guitar and piano, allow him to effortlessly deliver his lyrics with a level of honesty that captures the full attention of his audience. It is rare to have a singer songwriter with the guitar skills to be a lead guitarist. Brian’s riffs are crisp and precise and leave you wondering sometimes how he does it. He is just as comfortable with a pick as he is finger-picking. He uses the guitar as both a musical instrument and a percussive one. Brian can get so many sounds out of guitar and can find forms of chords that you never new existed all over the fret board. One of my favorite Brian Kaplan songs is Fallen. It starts slow and builds and builds and builds….holding back…making you crave the delicious chorus that you know is coming. The driving bass rhythm starts slow and then delivers what you hope is coming….a chorus that is like a good book that ends better than you could have imagined. Blameless is the perfect song to drive to, cranking up the volume and singing along. Songs from his newest album, All my Best Days sound great acoustic. You can’t help but tap your foot to Over Being Under. Goodnight delivers those classic clever Brian Kaplan lyrics with awesome riffs on the guitar. The beautiful ballad 203 lends itself perfectly to an acoustic show. Don’t miss an opportunity to see a Brian Kaplan unplugged show. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll definitely be left craving more. ”

— Ken Young