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"Tape Kept A Rollin'" by Ralph Renna 

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Thank you Ralph Renna for including me in your article "Tape Kept A Rollin." The story features "musicians (who) are taking advantage of this down time and hammering out frustration by creating and recording new music." 

Ralph had this to say about my new single - "...this time around (Brian) comes out swinging with more attitude on this funky- rock jam with a message. The track "All My Friends" touching down on current topics and footage of America in unrest and anarchy." 

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Thank you Ralph for all you do to promote the regional music scene!

The Local 518 Show, WEXT 97.7 

"All My Friends" is on the Local 518 Show playlist this week, which airs Thursday September 3rd at 11:00pm EST. Tune in WEXT Radio at 97.7 and 106.1 FM, via online website stream, or by using the free app for iOS and Android devices.Hosted by Andy Gregory.

Review - Jason Keller, Afternoon Drive Host WEQX 102.7 

I think with Brian's latest album, you'll find an experienced musician, writer, and storyteller who is comfortable with showing you that one album doesn't have to be one style. You'll find some crunchy guitar riffs, like on Break from the Weight", but you can also find songs like "You Can Have It" that slow things down a bit and capture a slightly more sentimental vibe. Brian's clear, strong, voice really brings this production together.